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Windows Phone 8 Updates Will Bring Support for Tablets

The multinational software company, Microsoft revealed its upcoming plans and the objectives behind them at the launch event for the Xbox One. Microsoft aims to merge its individual platforms and bring them together in order for new apps to be compatible with each platform. Otherwise, all apps would have to be recoded and that is…

Is It the Beginning or the End of the Start Button?

The famous Start Button that greets every Windows user whenever a desktop is opened has bid its farewell upon the arrival of Windows 8 – Microsoft answer to the touch screen and mobile devices phenomena. Windows 8 is preparing for its update by testing whether a start or welcome screen on the desktop screen is…

Be careful gamers: DirectX 11.1 is only for Windows 8

If you PC game lover and your computer is equipped with Windows 7 and you have no plans to move yourself to next operating system, then I believe you just forget about DirectX 11.1 version.

Do you think that that Windows 8 has beaten iOS and Android?

Next upcoming big thing for Tech gurus is Windows 8. What they have brought special? Does it fascinate you?  Have you made up the mind that you are going to use it for all of your machines? And most importantly, does this OS has gone one step ahead than Apple and Google?

Are you prepared for Window 8?

Windows 8 will go on sale in less than a month. Here’s what you need to do to get ready for this sea change in the PC world. Judging from the tech press, Microsoft will have an uphill battle getting PC users to upgrade to its revolutionary new operating system.

Upgrade Process to Windows 8

The Microsoft lovers and all those people who were waiting for the arrival of Windows 8 must be looking for information now regarding how to upgrade their current system to Windows 8. I have come across some information which I believe will help you definitely to easily upgrade all of your big, small machines, tablets…

Windows Phone 8: Unveiling

A new operating system for smartphone has come. The Software giant Microsoft has revealed Windows Phone 8 to compete other smartphone OS giants like Google and Apple. You will see the square boxes on the start screen to move/jump on different options.

Lenovo’s ThinkPad Tablet 2 will be sale at price $629

Company said the latest and most anticipated Lenovo’s ThinkPad Tablet 2 with pre-installed Windows 8 will be priced at $629. This 10.1-inch screen tablet will be available on Oct. 26, same launch date of Windows 8 by Microsoft.

Windows 8 Prices Revealed

Microsoft upcoming new Operating system getting much attention and users wants to know the upgrading prices of Windows 8 versions. The Windows 8 prices revealed for users upgrading from Windows 7.

Rumor: A Windows 8 tablet from Nokia

According to the statement during the launch of Nokia Windows Phone 8, Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop gave an indication that the company might join the race of developing tablets.