How Important Is It For Your Company to Be On Google+?

If you have a growing business, you need media support. Whether it’s in the form of brochures, catalogues or websites, you need to expand your company through the help of the revolutionary social media that has absolutely brought a drastic change in our lives today. While most of the common platforms include Facebook, Pinterest and…

Planning for New Nexus 7? Then Plan For These Accessories Too

In the line of high-tech smart devices, the new Google Nexus 7 from ASUS is way up there. It’s a beautiful, high capacity, super speed, high resolution 7-inch tablet that goes far beyond in the race for futuristic technology. It also carries the distinctive feature of being an even slimmer piece of work as compared…

Google Nexus 7 2 – Facts you should know

It seems like just yesterday when the Google Nexus 7 swept the 2012 Gadget of the Year Award. A big achievement for Google indeed but of course, every great accomplishment is followed by something even bigger and better. Well, Google might not be planning on larger sized gadgets but definitely better design and features are…

Google Glass is now going to help Policemen or Firefighters

Google has repulsed with stories about how Glass can facilitate the halted, incarcerate live events and execute generally useful functions without further diminishing our speedily deteriorating solitude.

Chromecast: Google dongle which will connect you with videos to your TV

In this technology driven era there are many options for connected TV technology like Apple TV, Roku, and Samsung’s smart TVs having built in apps.  In the past, Google attempts to deal with television technology always gone to a mushy mess. No one was able to decorate with a design for Web-connected TV.

Guide: Customize your own Google Map

You’re an event organizer? Participants and attendees of your event can be rightly guided to the location through customized app of Google Map.

You will see Google presenting its own Console, Smart Watch in future

Google is intending to focus on Android based Smart Watch and gaming console, by giving it the access far beyond the Smartphones, tablets and to keep away comparable actions expected from Apple. In fact the huge search giant is functioning on many of novel devices, separate from its Motorola Mobility hardware division, a Smart Watch…

What Next after Google I/O?

An event such as the Google I/O annual developer conference is almost always the must-go-to for many. Every year, the fiesta is coming up with new announcements, releases and details on new arrivals in the tech market with actual demos conducted for a live audience. This year, things were slightly different.

Google is going to take down Spotify, Facebook and WhatsApp

It’s that one platform where all the next-generation developers bring their technical content with hopes of creating something even better and more in-depth than ever before. Yes, it’s the Google I/O annual developers’ fiesta.

Google is getting ready to introduce its two new Smartphones

The AllThingsD Conference held in San Francisco, California has brought forth some interesting highlights- Google’s next big step forward with Android Smartphones. The multinational cloud computing organization is ready to release two brand new entries to its existing collection of mobile devices.