3 Additions to the Dropbox iOS App Version 2.1

The handy software that offers secure storage for all your documents and important files has now been updated for all your official and recreational purposes. The new Dropbox iOS version 2.1 app launched recently has brought along with it three improvised features.

PocketCloud: Works as Dropbox for your whole Hard Disk

I am sure that all of you guys have a complete knowledge of the technology named “Dropbox”. So what do you think about it? If you give it high rating then I am sure you would like to read about this technology named “PocketCloud”. Objective is somehow same, but the process is a bit different.

HTC One S will be available in Singapore on June 16

Well HTC’s super-slim One S has officially got a date of release in Singapore. The handset will be available from June 16 at stores.

Clouds Battle: Google Drive vs Microsoft SkyDrive

The cloud term represents the future of secure online file storage & distribution beyond physical media. Google and Microsoft have both made rigid moves towards the cloud storage as Google Drive & Microsoft SkyDrive, where on the other hand Dropbox already serving users & improving its services.

Integration of DropBox with Facebook

Dropbox has long been king of sharing and storing files in the cloud, likely because of its simplicity of design. Now, the storage giant is making it easier than ever to share folders with friends, thanks to its new integration with Facebook.

Battle in the clouds: Dropbox HD Pics Upload Feature For Android

Dropbox has revealed a new photo uploading feature for Android smartphones, Dropbox heats up cloud battle with its new HD pics upload feature in it.

Dropbox offering 5GB of free space to beta users

Good news for Dropboxers: the news says that if you are one of those people who are using beta version, then feel lucky as you will get free 5GB storage space. Ok, how to use? Pretty simple; You have test the software, so download it. Then select any photo for uploading and instantly. Here you…